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romitri + color palettes (insp)

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vasilisa sabina rhea dragomir

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Golden Mask Awards (2014)

Zoey Deutch + cast being adorable on the Vampire Academy set.

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Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I love that you can be something completely absurd and wonderful, and it gives you a lot more creative license - you’re not human so you can be anything. Lucy Fry

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“And after a while… I mean, how do you choose? Who gets to live? Part of life is that… well, some people have to die. My powers aren’t a prescription you can get filled as needed.”

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People who should be illegal (no order)
↳ Danila Kozlovsky

[When asked about the most amazing thing that ever happened to him] When you make yourself lift your ass from the couch, tear your ear from the phone, close Facebook and Instagram - this amazing feeling literally hits you. Sunsets in Australia, vineyards in Tuscany, paintings in The Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, beautiful people in the streets, movies, music, many things.

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#fuck this i’m out

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